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The Writing Lab

The Writing Lab uses a workshop model to develop the next generation of voices through the written word.

Reading Mentors

Exposure to rich, high-quality literature helps develop a vision of how one's own writing should look. Our young writing apprentices will learn to identify and appreciate the signature craft moves of mentor authors and be encouraged to incorporate some of those in their own writing projects.

Writing Toolkit

A well-equipped toolkit of writing essentials can motivate even the most reluctant writers to delve deep within themselves to write not only from the head but also from the heart and gut! Explicitly demonstrated practical and easy-to-use strategies will build confidence, stamina, and volume in creative writing.

A Writing Community

Meaningful and accountable discussion in writing partnerships and flexible groupings increase motivation and productivity. Timely, respectful, and relevant peer and instructor feedback and taking responsive action builds a strong supportive community of writers.


-- Saturday, July 25 10-11 AM for ages 8-10

-- Saturday, July 25 11.30 AM-12.30 PM for ages 11-12

-- Sunday, July 26 11 AM-12 PM for ages 13-14

The Writing Lab Fall Schedule [August 1st-31st] (via Zoom)

-- Saturdays 10-11 AM for ages 8-10

-- Saturdays 11.30 AM-12.30 PM for ages 11-12

-- Sundays 11 AM-12 PM for ages 13-14