Meet Your Instructor

Hi there!

I started The Writing Lab with the goal of fostering a love for writing in all my students. Effective writing is an indispensable skill for both personal and professional fulfillment. It opens the door to communicating personal narratives, emotions, and opinions. Strategic exposition is also an essential skill to succeed in higher education. In this world where we are bombarded with an overload of articles and information, the ability to emerge with an individual voice is more important than ever.

I believe that good writing starts with building a strong foundation of literacy strategies and tools on which creativity and self-expression can be built. My Literacy Specialist heroes are Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, Regie Routman, Carl Anderson, among so many others! I have learned important lessons about best practices in literacy instruction from these stalwarts and will continue to learn with my students as they prepare to be future-ready.

My qualifications and experience

I have been working in education for over 35 years. I have a Masters of Science in Child Development from Lady Irwin College and another in Human Development Counseling and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island with a specialization in Education. I've done extensive training in literacy through professional development programs at the Teacher's College at Columbia University in New York.

I started my career as an early childhood educator, teaching Kindergarten through Grade 7. I have taught in both the British and American International Schools in Istanbul, Riyadh and New Delhi. In the classroom, I developed a passion for improving curriculums to meet the unique needs of every student, particularly in literacy, and went on to become an Instructional Coach. As a next challenge, I stepped into roles of Curriculum Coordinator and then Principal of MLS International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since being back in India, I continue to provide freelance educational consulting to my former institutions.

My life outside literacy

I lived abroad in Turkey and Saudi Arabia for 26 years and recently moved back to Gurgaon with my husband. My two children live in the United States - in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I spend my time reading, gardening, and playing with my little Shih-Tzu, Theo!